Shakespeare on the Web

William Shakespeare’s literature is available on the internet in one of two ways: you can either read his original works or adaptations of his plays/poetry (aka Shakespeare Fan-fiction).

Two sites that I particularly love to browse when looking to read stories written by everyday people and not major authors are Wattpad and Mibba; both are websites created to share literature with other people online. This literature is categorized for easy access to what you want to read, but ranges from sci-fi to humor to classics and everything else in-between. It is also completely free to create an account and post your own stories on these sites.


If your interested in reading the original classics then visit Wattpad and in the “Discover” bar at the top of the page simply type in “William Shakespeare.” This will direct you to posts of his plays. Or, follow the links below!

But, if you want to read modern Shakespeare than Mibba may be the site for you (though you can read Shakespeare fan-fiction on Wattpad as well). WARNING: Though I have read fan-fiction before I have not read the fan-fics I am including links for below; however, I did skim them to make sure they’re good. Also, some of them are not yet completed, but most authors are good about updating their stories regularly on Mibba.


Shakespeare Quotes in Social Media Posts

One way in which Shakespeare’s works are still so talked about today is via social media.

  • Facebook is a great social media site to search Shakespeare’s quotes! Simply login in and proceed to look-up William Shakespeare Quotes as you would a friend! Facebook is a highly useful site because not only can you obtain quotes easily, but you can also find further information (such as biographical information on Shakespeare’s life) with just a few clicks of a computer mouse.

Shakespeare Facebook PostShakespeare Facebook PostShakespeare Facebook Post

  • Pinterest, being a social media site that revolves around pictures solely, is a resourceful way to find quote-art. Below are a few pictures of Shakespeare’s quotes from Pinterest that I find particularly lovely/impactful:

This is a gorgeous edit, and I'd like to credit the maker! Anybody?

"I love but thee, with a love that shall not die till the sun grows cold, and the stars grow old." ~ William Shakespeare

Macbeth – Act 4, Scene 3 - Shakespeare Hey you guys, I met someone nice. I'm dealing with that part of you Ron that always said it was just another cruel joke God was playing. Maybe not. It was a good day guys.

Though She Be But Little, She is Fierce / Shakespeare Quote Art Print


One might ponder if social media may end up restricting people’s access to Shakespeare’s works. Will people post a photo of one of his quotes having never read any of his plays? Is that what society has come to? While it is true that the younger generation likes momentary media such as vines, do not be worried: the reading of Shakespeare is not going anywhere. He is the bestselling fiction author in any language of all-time, even topping J.K. Rowling, Leo Tolstoy, and Stephen King.